So, this is the start of a new site/chapter, so bear with me.   One of the stigmas I had about mastering engineers was that what they brought to the table was just a technicality.   I felt like some of them messed with everything too much, and then others seemed to not do anything...   But, the most bothersome thing was that I didn't think that they cared about the music at all.   I felt like they wanted to just tell me what they thought I did wrong and get paid, and I hated that.    I always pictured someone typing in a spreadsheet Dennis from Jurrasic Park.

But to me, I feel like I am a part of the production, and part of the team that makes it all work.   I don't feel like I'm the expert on everything, and I do my best to never communicate that I know better than anybody else.    I also hustle to be great at my job, and I try to connect with people and let them know that we're on the same team.   I want the end product to be fantastic just like them.

I'm going to try to use this part of my site to facilitate thoughts on stuff like: music, music production, volume, mix prep, etc.   The way music is made and consumed is constantly changing, so I feel like it's a pretty fluid topic. 


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