What is Mastering?

That question could be answered a lot of ways, but, basically, it is the last production step in finalizing and formatting audio for it's respected delivery formats.  Volume, dynamics, and tone are one part of it, and the other part is formatting and preparing files for their future formats.

How long does it normally take to get my music back?

Typically, I can get mastered files back to you in a few days.  I know sometimes things need to turnaround quickly, and I'll do everything I can to accommodate, so let me know your specific timeframe, and we'll take it from there. 

What format should my files be in to go to mastering?

I prefer to receive stereo files that are 24 bit with a sample rate of 44.1k or (preferably) higher.  Please remove any peak limiters or processing that's just adding volume (L2/L2007/T-Racks/Ozone/Maximizer... anything like that that) from the mix buss before printing the final mix, and then make sure it's not clipping without them..   Please check for any unwanted clipping or distortion.

What equipment do you use?

There’s a page for gear that lists more than you care to know.

What is a DDP?

It's basically a digital image of your album.   CD plants prefer it, because it eliminates getting a physical CD master with a flaw or scratch, and that error being replicated thousands of times.   It also includes data such as CD Text, PQ Data and ISRC's that help keep track of downloads, airplay, and copyright info.

Payment Methods?

We'll touch base before sending files to confirm rates/availability.   When I load everything up, I'll send an invoice via Quickbooks, and you can pay for mastering services with a credit card or bank transfer.   Other payment options like Venmo and Square Cash are also available. Once I receive payment and complete the work, I'll email you a link with instructions to download your files.

Other questions?   Contact me!