My name is Joe Causey, and I guess I’m the man behind the curtain, so to speak. It’s just me here, so I’m wearing all of the hats: answering calls/texts/emails - and doing the mastering itself. It’s a lot to juggle at times, but the relationship part of having a mastering engineer you trust and can call is really important to me, so it’s worth it.


I surround myself with the best tools and gear that I possibly can. Dangerous Music, Buzz Audio, Crane Song, Hendy Amps, Knif Audio… Many pieces have been customized for any improvements in sound, repeatability, transparency, or coloration. I work hard to be great at my job, and I

I use a lot of gear when working - many pieces from Dangerous Music, Buzz Audio, Knif Audio, Crane Song, Hendy Amps, etc. I’m sure some people might want a gear list, and I would really prefer to not approach it like that - which is hard, because I’m a gear head! But - I get almost all of it custom modified to be cleaner, more precise, and sound as great as possible, so my work can be as transparent as possible when that’s called for, or be very strategic with coloration that I bring into it.

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